Why I’m Running to be your County Commissioner

Strong Public Schools

It is our community's responsibility to support our schools in order to provide the best public school education we can offer to all of our children.

As the proud husband of a public school teacher, I see firsthand the need to increase support for our teachers and school staff. Our schools are the bedrock of our community and should not be coming under attack from political extremists.

Every child deserves an education that prepares them for their future and teachers need our support to get them there.

Effective Local Government

This is an incredibly important decade for the future of our county. We need leaders willing to listen to their community and focus on the local issues that affect their everyday lives. I want to bring a public service mindset to County Commission. I'm running because local politics shouldn't be about what team you're on. I want to work with you and put your voice into local government.

The biggest challenge facing our community is growth and development. We are growing so quickly and our local residents are feeling the pressure of a soaring housing market and unprecedented rent increases. We have a lot of catching up to do and we need to find ways to encourage a diversity of housing options - housing you can afford. I want to see us building communities and not just disconnected neighborhoods. We have some great developers here in Knox County and they have to be accountable partners in building our future. I'm looking forward to building the community our kids will want to grow up in.

Once elected, I'm looking forward to updating the way we think about zoning and bringing a strong emphasis on community building to County Commission. I'm excited to work with experts and find ways we can be more efficient.

While door knocking, I've heard over and over about the need for public recreation spaces and I'm an advocate for our greenway system. I want to make sure our District 3 families have places to gather and enjoy the natural beauty of Knox County.

I'm looking forward working on your behalf with the various county departments and making sure our growth doesn't erode our way of life.

Taking Care of Our Neighbors

District 3 families like mine are feeling the pressure as Knox County's population grows. I am ready to get to work to strengthen our community and help everyone in our district lead a more fulfilled life.

That starts with leaders who are willing to listen to the needs of their constituents.

As a County Commissioner, I will hold monthly events open to all where you can come and share your needs and suggestions with me.

Across our district, I hear about concerns for community safety. I'm looking forward to working with Sheriff Spangler to find solutions to staffing issues and making sure that our Knox County Sheriff's Office is responsive and serves this community well.

You'll hear a lot about accessibility during this election cycle. I think there's a big difference in simply being accessible and being someone who will listen. I will do that for this community.

I want to be your advocate.


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